The email marketing process

The Email Marketing Process 1: Planning of the marketing strategy Firstly, the global targets and milestones that are intended to be achieved with email marketing have to be defined. If such goals are not defined properly email marketing campaigns most probably won’t succeed. Email marketing is not a fast sprint but a marathon and therefore […]

Why email marketing is an essential tool in your marketing strategy

Email marketing is utilised by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. Those who are unfamiliar with this method of advertising may not immediately understand why it is so popular amongst companies in a variety of industries – but here are ten reasons why email marketing is seen by many as vital marketing […]

Why business cards still matter

As everything becomes digital it’s not absurd to think that business cards may quickly become redundant. Realistically however this is far from the truth. Business cards still hold a valuable place in the world, here’s 4 reasons you still need a business card in your wallet. 1. Memory Let’s face it, we all have a rubbish memory. When meeting […]

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