Reach your Facebook audience with targeted campaigns

Facebook advertising can work very effectively for business. In addition to the economic cost, Facebook advertising can be specifically targeted for a very varied audience. Age, gender, geographic region, specific interest are amongst the many ways you can refine where your ad is seen and at what time.

Why you should put Facebook advertising on your list of marketing activities.

If you are Nike, advertising is a cost and risk that is acceptable and measured.

But if you’re one of the millions of small businesses across Australia, then you probably don’t have bags of cash lying around to spend on marketing, which means every cent of your marketing budget has to count.

So what do you do? How do you market your business when you don’t have a lot to spend in the first place? Better yet, how do you do it effectively?

These are the questions we ask ourselves every day. Nearly all our clients are small businesses, which means we spend most of our time helping companies utilise the most effective marketing strategies without breaking the bank. And one of the most effective methods we suggest to some of our clients is Facebook Advertising.

You can use our Facebook advertising package to maximise your effective impact in the social media marketplace.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Is there a setup fee?

A. There are zero setup fee and zero hidden fees. What you’re quoted is what you pay each month, nothing more.

Q. Is there a minimum budget I should have for this service?

A. There is a minimal monthly Facebook budget of $200 per month. A budget of at least $300 per month is recommended.

Q. What type of account do I need?

A. You must have a Facebook business account before purchasing this service.

Q. Is there a contract?

A. There are no long term contracts. We work month-to- month with all of our clients. You can cancel anytime.

Q. I’m an agency and want this service for my client(s)

A. If you are an agency and would like to purchase Facebook Ads Management for your client, you certainly can. However, please note: You will need to manage the client interfacing. We will not be able to jump on calls with your client. The same rules apply — one Facebook Ads Account/1 Business URL.

Q. Do I get to see/approve the ads before they go live?

A. If clients wish, they may see and approve all text ads or images ads before going live. We typically will have creative license to create the ads, ad copy and image ads. These ads will of course be in line with the client’s goals and business. This will only be if the client requests this, otherwise it would slow down the process greatly.

Q. What happens after I purchase?

A. It’s pretty simple, after you purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire. Here you will provide additional info needed to get started.

Q. Do you handle all the tracking and optimization?

A. Yes, the Facebook pixel will be generated but it will be up to the client to place the code on the website or landing pages. We will provide instructions on how to place the code. The Facebook pixel also includes conversion tracking. And yes, all optimization is included in the service each month.

Q. Is it possible to see results the first month or should I be ready for more than one month to give it a fair shot?

A. PPC is an ongoing service that requires time, data and optimizations to get it well oiled and worked. While the services are month to month, we ask that clients give at least 90 days to allow us to grow and optimize the campaigns. Clients can expect to see traffic and “results” within the first 30 days. The “results” (leads, calls, sales or whatever the goal) will only improve over time. It’s very common to turn on a PPC campaign and see leads come in the same day!

Q. Who is managing the traffic?

A. Your dedicated account manager is managing and optimizing your traffic. They will be looking for demographics and targeting that are performing better (or worse!) than “average” and making adjustments based on what the data is showing.

Facebook Advertising Package

What you should expect with this program

100% of Facebook Ads Management for Your Business!
You will have a dedicated account manager who is a digital marketing specialist trained in current Facebook Ads best practices.
New campaigns, we will setup your Facebook campaign from scratch
Existing campaigns, we will optimize your existing campaigns to take them to the next level
A briefing on the goals (more leads, sales, branding etc.)
We support ad spends up to $5,000 per month
Complete setup or re-structure up to 5 campaigns
Full geographic and demographic targeting and setup
20 geographical targets (if needed for multiple locations)
Provide you with a monthly ads report
Setup call if needed
Ad creation using stock images, text creation and copy
Usually 7-10 Business Days for complete setup
This is for 1 Facebook Ads Account/1 Business URL

AUD$340 monthly

What we need from you:

You Must Have a Business Manager Account with Facebook before this service can be purchased
Facebook Page Admin access.
Facebook Ad Admin account access.
The daily budget will be paid by the client
A credit card that is attached to the Business Manager account