What is Off-page Search Engine Optimisation?

Off-page search engine optimisation refers to all the activity and techniques used outside of a website to help improve the page rank for the targeted keywords and general website rank within the search engines.

This not only includes building inbound links to the website but also social bookmarks and generating site authority through blogging and guest posting.

Off-Page SEO Success Factors


Quality – Assess the quality of links from trusted, quality websites.
Text – Do the links pointing at your website pages  use words you are hoping to be found for?
Number – Quantity of links pointing at your website pages.


Reputation – Do those respected on social media share your content?
Shares – Do many share your content on social media?


Authority – Do links, shares and other factors make the website a trusted authority?
History – Has the website been around for a long time?


Country – Which country is the website located in?
Locality – What city is someone located in?
History – Does someone visit your site regularly?
Social – What do your friends think of the website?

How does our Off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work?

Our off-site SEO package works through techniques proven to work. We do this through a combination of building natural link structures and high-quality, relevant, white-hat guest posts.

We’ll take your main keywords and pages and create a structured approach to building the most effective back linking and blog posting strategy.

If you don’t have a reporting system, we’ll set you up with reports to track the progress of your keyword rankings.

Off-Page SEO Program

Your Questions Answered

Q. How long does it take?

A. Both processes are somewhat labor-intensive and can take three to four weeks to fulfill. We aim to deliver a high-quality service and that takes time.

Q. How soon will I see results?

A. That depends on a lot of factors. How competitive your niche is, how strong your domain is relative to competitors, your existing backlink profile and anchor-text diversity, the types of results that tend to dominate the SERPs, etc. If you’re in an extremely competitive niche and/or are looking for faster results, we suggest you buy two gigs. If you started with our On-Page package you’ll already likely be seeing results, and those will accelerate as the off-site work begins to contribute. Also, please remember that we do not decide what shows up in search results and no one can guarantee you the number 1 spot (or any other spot).

Q. Are there any niches you don’t accept?

A. Yes, we cannot accept requests for the following: – Adult, pharma, payday loans, or other “grey” niches – Casino/gambling – Firearms-related – Non-English websites These kinds of niches may be limited due to footprints, abundance of black-hat SEO, lack of quality guest-blogging sites, or other factors. If in doubt, please ask!

Off-Page SEO Program

What you can expect with the Off-page SEO package

Dedicated SEO strategy for your business
Backlink profile and analysis
Quality link building
Check content for keyword and related keyword density and optimize
Daily keyword rank tracking so you can monitor progress
Report of all work done

SEO Off-Page Package AU$599 per month

What we need from You:

Up to three website pages and two keywords per page
Broad subject for written content (no more than 3 words)