Tweeting your way to brand success

Twitter is the perfect place to attract, engage, and close more customers. We offer a bundle of professionally written tweets you can use to grow your brand and sales.

Is Twitter right for my business?

Brand awareness is a hard road to make

Using a combination of sharing content, following industry thought leaders, searching out prospects and engaging in conversations, brands can maximise their chances of connecting and engaging with relevant Twitter users.

A follow to the right person at the right time (say, a potential client you’ve just met at a networking event) can carry more weight, but it’s still strictly a way to draw attention to the brand.

You have great content to share

The key is in sharing the right kind of content to draw engagement with your target audience. These can include high-value ebooks, whitepapers and insightful blog posts. If you’re producing these already, Twitter is a natural channel for distribution.

You’re happy to discuss as well as broadcast

Twitter’s core focus is on engagement rather than broadcast. A common mistake made by brands is to take a sales-focused approach and tweet messages focussed only on self-promotion.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Will you post the content developed to our Twitter profile page?

A. This if for the content only. You will receive a bundle ready for posting.

Q. How many words are in every tweet?

A. 1-2 sentences, about 20 words each.

Q. Does it matter what industry I’m in?

A. Our writers have experience writing in all kinds of industries. We strive to research and create the best possible content for each of our clients individual needs.

Q. Do I get to pick my writer or are they assigned to me?

A. We will use your post purchase questionnaire you complete to match you with the best writer for your needs.

Q. Will the content be unique?

A. Yes, every piece of content is handcrafted from scratch by an American writer.

Q. Do you offer revisions?

A. We shoot to get it right on the first draft, but do offer one round of minor revisions up to 25% of the piece of content.

Q. How is work delivered?

A. We’ll upload your content in a .doc(x) or .rtf formats, whichever you prefer.

Q. Who’s doing the writing?

A. All of our writers are professional American writers. We pride ourselves on quality and speed! We don’t outsource any of our work to developing countries.

Q. What happens after I purchase?

A. It’s pretty simple, after you purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire. Here you will provide additional info needed to get started.

Q. Can I see samples of past work?

A. Check the portfolio section above.

30 Tweets a month

What you should expect with this program

Documents delivered in a .doc(x) file
All work is researched and written by American writers
One round of revisions is included
Bundle of (30) Tweets copy supplied

US$99 monthly

What we will need from you

Your website URL
The industry we are writing for
The social channels you currently use
The writing style you prefer (resourceful, engaging or personable).