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Since the introduction of the first smartphones in 2007, people have been increasingly moved away from traditional browsing on desktop computers and have moved toward the mobile searching.

At the end of 2013 mobile internet users had overtaken those using more traditional methods such as a desktop computer or laptop. With a multitude of devices and better connection speeds, we can now access the internet from anywhere, instantly.

  • A responsive website delivers a better experience for the user and optimal delivery for the device it’s being viewed on, without the need for a separate mobile version.
  • Responsive websites load faster on mobile devices than standard websites.
  • Responsive design delivers a much better user experience as it removes the need to zoom in on smaller screens to read text and navigate around the site.
  • They’re much easier to maintain than a separate mobile version of your website.
  • Has the potential to reduce bounce rates and improve your position in Google and other search engines.

We don’t believe in charging more for responsive functionality so all our packages include responsive web design as standard.

As well as a creating you a beautiful website we deliver better user experience on all devices through using responsive design.

Get to work on your 7 day website

Building a website may be a decision made from necessity, but there are also so many other influencing factors that not only make a website a neccessity to a business but more importantly, that make that website work for that business.

When we say work, we mean it actually brings a positive change to the business, brings visitors to the website and converts those visitors to customers. We are all about providing quality, but we are also about providing results.

How do we build a website in seven days?

We have a refined system in place that helps you get your business online in 7 days. We understand that when you need a website, you need to be online as quickly as possible, it can’t be more straightforward. And this doesn’t mean we cut corners, it just means we have the means to do it and we understand you cannot wait around for weeks or months for something as important as your online marketing.

Our terms and conditions are strict for this to happen and we will send you our contract on request.

The Importance of Design

1,500 small businesses and startups were surveyed about design. The graphic below indicates the importance they place on design and how much they believe the design influences the buyer.

This really demonstrates what business owners believe to be an important aspect of the website.

7 Day website

Our 7 day website program is designed to get you online and using proven methods to help you get the most from your digital marketing.

Built on WordPress platform
Fully responsive website built to be mobile friendly
WordPress Content Managed System (CMS)
Built using supplied content – text and images
Site designed and built

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