Website Copywriting Packages

Does it matter what industry I’m in?
Our writers have experience writing in all kinds of industries. We strive to research and create the best possible content for each of our clients individual needs.
Will the writing match my brand?
You will get a chance to communicate important aspects with a questionnaire after purchase. They also will use your website and past content as a guideline.
Will the content be unique?
Yes, every piece of content is handcrafted from scratch by an American writer.
What happens after I purchase?
It’s pretty simple, after you purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire. Here you will provide all the info your writer will need to get started. Done and done.
Do you offer revisions?
We shoot to get it right on the first draft, but do offer one round of minor revisions up to 25% of the piece of content.
How is work delivered?
We’ll upload your content in a .doc(x) or .rtf formats, whichever you prefer.
Do you post the content to my website?
We will provide the content to you in a .doc(x) file to pass on to whoever manages your website.

Social Media Management

I would like to use this service, what do I do now?
That’s great, to use this service, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button which is linked to our secure service portal. Fill in the payment details. You will then be directed to an online survey to find out more about your business. Survey questions are listed opposite to help you prepare your answers in advance.
Is this for big business or startups?
All businesses need a strong social presence. We support businesses big and small by maintaining a consistent presence on social media.
What if I’m in the _________ market can you post specific _________ content?
Certain industries have special needs we can accommodate. For example, post listings for real estate professionals, and promotions for ecommerce sites. The client can send us pictures or any special requests and we are happy to execute.
What if I don’t like the results?
Cancel anytime and if you truly aren’t happy we’ll give you your money back.
Can I provide a custom social calendar?
Yes – you can dictate the calendar.
What type of content/posts will you be posting on my accounts?
A strategic balance of several types of content: News, educational, time-related, promotional, inspirational, questions that inspire interaction and qualitative feedback.
What does my account manager do on a regular basis?
Post curated content, account monitoring, flagging, and notifying of engagement on your chosen social media accounts.

Search Engine Optimisation

How long does it take?
Both processes are somewhat labor-intensive and can take three to four weeks to fulfill. We aim to deliver a high-quality service and that takes time.
How soon will I see results?
That depends on a lot of factors. How competitive your niche is, how strong your domain is relative to competitors, your existing backlink profile and anchor-text diversity, the types of results that tend to dominate the SERPs, etc. If you’re in an extremely competitive niche and/or are looking for faster results, we suggest you buy two gigs. If you started with our On-Page package you’ll already likely be seeing results, and those will accelerate as the off-site work begins to contribute. Also, please remember that we do not decide what shows up in search results and no one can guarantee you the number 1 spot (or any other spot).
Are there any niches you don’t accept?
Yes, we cannot accept requests for the following: – Adult, pharma, payday loans, or other “grey” niches – Casino/gambling – Firearms-related – Non-English websites These kinds of niches may be limited due to footprints, abundance of black-hat SEO, lack of quality guest-blogging sites, or other factors. If in doubt, please ask!

Website Development

How many revisions do I get?
We allow unlimited revisions at the design stage of development. We will not start the next stage of website development until the design has been approved. Once it has been approved, we won’t change the design, but will revise the content. Once the site is in the late development stage any design changes will incur additional fees.
Is the website themed or template based?
We build our clients’ websites using themes and templates that meets your requirements. Depending on your specific needs, trade and industry, we offer high-quality, reliable website theme builds or if you need something more unique and specifically suited for a desired purpose, we are able to meet your requirements.
Can you custom-build a website I need?
Our website development process allows for full customisation to suit your specific needs as a business. We design, customise, develop and revise until you are happy with the results.
How long does it take to complete a website?
If all the content is ready, we can have the website done in as little as 10 days. However, this depends on how many revisions are given during the development phase.

Google Adwords

How long does it take for my adwords campaign to go live?
Your campaign is guaranteed to be live within the first month. We can’t quote an exact time for it to be up and running, as it’s case-by-case, but it’s usually within 12-15 business days from when we receive your information.
Is there a contract
There are zero long term contracts. We hate long terms contracts, and we work month-to- month with all of our clients. You can cancel anytime (although no one does!)
Do you handle all the tracking and optimization?
Yes, the Google conversion tracking code is generated. It will be up to the client to place the conversion tracking code on the pages required to track conversions. It does not include Google Analytics or the generation of the code each month.
Do I get to see/approve the ads before they go live?
If clients wish, they may see and approve all text ads or images ads before going live. We typically will have creative license to create the ads, ad copy and image ads. These ads will of course be in line with the client’s goals and business. This will only be if the client requests this, otherwise it would slow down the process greatly.